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Dr Richard Smith presenting with Professor Armuzzi at “Consult the expert” Milan 2023


Dr Richard Smith has published and presented on all aspects or Rheumatology, Back pain, Osteoporosis and Sports medicine.

He strongly believes that in order to teach a doctor must have advanced knowledge and be up to date with advancements in medicine

He is the British Medical Journals (BMJ) key speaker for Rheumatology, Osteoporosis, Sports Medicine and feedback form his lectures is consistently excellent. He has also lectured for the Royal college of General Practitioners, The British association of sports and exercise medicine, The British institute of musculoskeletal medicine, The primary care Rheumatology association and the National Osteoporosis society.

Dr Smith has written two comprehensive reviews of disorders of the Upper limb for Arthritis Research Uk and has produced videos on examination of the hand, wrist, elbow, hip, knee, foot and ankle for the BMJ.

Poster Presentations

R. Smith,O.M. Rutherford:  Tissue relationships in the lower limb measured by dual energy absorptiometry. American Journal of Sports Medicine, 1993, Volume 25 (5), S338.  Presented at the American Conference of Sports Medicine 1993.


R. Smith: Comparison of bone mineral density and testosterone levels in elite male endurance and resistance athletes. Presented and published at the 1992 International Medical Students' Science Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.


R. Smith, PO Collinson, P Kiely:  Vitamin D deficiency. Demographic, clinical and biochemical markers: a cohort of 467 patients. Presented at the 2002 American College of Rheumatology Annual meeting.

Arthritis and Rheumatism: Volume 46, number 9 (S), Sept 2002


R. Smith,S. Jawed: Effect of music on reducing patient perceived pain whilst undergoing soft tissue and intra-articular injections. Presented at the British Society of Rheumatology annual general meeting. Manchester, April 2003. 

Rheumatology: Volume 42, number 4 (S) 2003


R. Smith, PO Collinson, P Kiely: Assessment of Vitamin D Deficiency: Usefulness of Risk factors, Symptoms and Routine biochemical test. Presented at the British Society of Rheumatology annual general meeting. Manchester, April 2003

Rheumatology: Volume 42, number 4 (S) 2003


R. Smith, S. Jawed, H. Jones: Follow up of Colles Fractures in an educated white middle class population. A cohort of 94 patients. Presented at (EULAR) European League against rheumatism Annual General meeting, Lisbon 2003.

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases: Volume 62, Supplement 1. July 2003


Bennett AN,  Smith R, Spector TD:  Cyclical Intravenous Pamidronate in the Treatment of Severe Osteoporosis for up to 6 years . Presented at EULAR 2004, Berlin.

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases: Volume 63, Supplement 1. June 2004


Richard Smith, Arvin Damodaran, Sanjay Swaminathan, Rob Campbell, Les Barnsley: Hypermobility and Sports injuries in junior netball players. Presented at the Australian Rheumatology Conference, 2005

Internal Medicine Journal. Volume 35(11):A96, November 2005


C Holroyd, R Smith: Postal FRAX Assessment: A pilot study to establish whether this is an effective strategy to deliver a Fracture Liaison Service in a District General Hospital. Presented at the National Osteoporosis Meeting Liverpool 2010.


B Mackenzie-Green, R Smith. Audit of a Fracture Liaison Service designed to be primary care led. Presentated at the National Osteoporosis Meeting, Manchester. 2012.


R. Smith, S Bartram, Z. Cole. Management of a 56 year old male with Rheumatoid, Vasculitis and Large granular lymphocytic leukemia. Presented BSR Advances in Rheumatology Conference, Edinburgh, October 2013.


R. Smith, Z. Cole, A. Coy, S. Carvalho SAT0248 Biologic Therapy Improves the Number of Patients Who Maintain Employment and Improves Their Overall Function 

Ann Rheum Dis 2014;73:Suppl 2 682


R SmithSWT Gould, R.D. Rosin:  Recurrent Melanoma of the leg and polypoid lesions of the Gallbladder - A management dilemma.  Presented at the Clinical Section of the Royal Society of Medicine 1996.


Richard Smith, Arvin Damodaran, Sanjay Swaminathan, Rob Campbell, Les Barnsley: Hypermobility and Sports injuries in junior netball players. 

Presented at the London Rheumatology Research Club 19.01.2005


Richard Smith. Presentation 1. Gout, 2. Sports Medicine. North African (Meghrabi) Rheumatology Conference. Tripoli, North Africa 2010.


Richard SmithNHS Reforms. Presented at National Osteoporosis Meeting. E Lily. London. October 5th 2011


Richard Smith. NHS Reforms and QOF. Presented at South West Osteoporosis meeting, Bath April 2012


Richard Smith: Can Muscles be too strong? Ten Topics, London July 2012


Richard Smith. Hip Pathology, Update on osteoporosis. Ten Topics Rheumatology, Tripoli, Libya March 2014.


  • "osteoporosis especially good"

  • "superb tour de force of CTD, vasculitis, use of biologics and management of osteoporosis"

  • "A brilliant lecture on back pain. I'm sure I've heard him speak at the Masterclass before and would like him to be invited back again"

  • "Lots of relevant info and tips"

  • "interactive, answered questions as asked"

  • "straight to the point"

  • "Good and detailed presentation"

  • "Excellent presentation targetted towards GP's"

  • "concise and interactive , very useful webinar"

  • "very interactive"

  • "great format and interesting topic"

  • "Interactive. Presenter happy to answer questions throughout. Replied to and discussed audience comments throughout."

  • "Concise. Very relevant. And well presented. What I needed to know and no more."

  • "informative well presented topic"

  • "up to date with evidence based treatment"

  • "very useful update made rheumatology simple so a great teaching session."

  • "A really thorough speaker, enthusiastic and very easy to understand. He made me feel that I could ask questions. He has given plenty of useful advice. Time keeping is spot on"

  • "Very clear presentation and practical"

  • "First class, covered so much so well"

  • "Good level of detail"

  • "interactive"

  • "interaction and questions"

  • "He is an excellent speaker. Knows exactly the right level of info a GP needs."

  • "Case based/picture based discussions on diagnosis was a helpful aid to learning"

  • "Information on referral was appropriate for general practice"

  • "Very informative and high educational presentation"

  • "Well explained and very good advice. Lively discussion."

  • "Excellent. Really enjoyed this session"

  • "Such a good and clear and informative speaker"

  • "Well presented with practical demostrations. Excellent tips on how to examine the patient with back pain/sciatica."

  • "Very passionate and articulate."


  • "some very helpful hints"

  • "Fantastic. One of the best I have attended."

  • "Excellent advice and practical tips."

  • "great tips on red flags"

  • "Very dynamic speaker, engaging, good examination tips for the consultation"

  • "An excellent well focused presentation delivered with energy and style"

  • "great tips ,motivated speaker"

  • "Refreshingly upbeat delivery of very useable information."

  • "Very coolest and concise"

  • "He has an art of delivering and his presentation is so beautifully theatrical"

  • "A rapid run through of rheumatological conditions for the generalist. Very helpful."

  • "very entertaining and informative. He makes vasculitis interesting and less confusing"

  • "Useful to hear different aspects of cases"

  • "Gave an overview and update on Connective Tissue Diseases, Bisphosphonates and diverse presentations of fractures and their management. Lively presentation."

  • "Entertaining presentation & speaker but also reminded me of the complexity of inflammatory & autoimmune diseases which are not part of my usual clinical work."

  • "Covered lots of conditions.."

  • "First class, covered so much so well"

  • "V fluent speaker. Sacral insufficiency fractures"

  • "Entertaining and informative."

  • "Covered the a comprehensive manner. was educational.

  • "Excellent presentation with good movement on the stage, owning the whole stage, simplifying information, loud and clear talk, easy to understand made it the most remarkable presentation of the day. Made the biggest impression on me and I will remember of this presentation tomorrow too. Thank you, you are a good examp"

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