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  • "The care I have received from Mr R Smith is outstanding. It has changed my life."

  • "I am very happy with the treatment and the staff attitude. Dr Smith treats me as an individual and does everything to help."

  • "I have been seeing Dr Smith since 2012. He and his team have always been very kind and helpful."

  • "Dr Smith is fantastic at his job, caring and considerate."

  • "Dr Smith is amazing. Always so helpful and looks after me so well. The whole team are great." 

  • "Dr Smith is an amazing consultant, always positive and always on time." 

  • "Because I have a very high regard for Dr Smith and his expertise. Additionally, I find his explanations concise and easy to understand."

  • "Dr Richard Smith is a brilliant doctor and he has really helped me."

  • "Dr Smith seen me very quickly, informative and professional."

  • "I have every confidence in Dr Smith and the team." 

  • "Dr Smith was lovely, made me feel at ease."

  • "Mr Smith was excellent with clear instructions and advice. He put me at ease."

  • "I was helped when I needed it by Dr Smith who was very caring. I am getting my normal life back." 

  • "Dr Smith was lovely and caring. Finally some answers and hopefully positive results."

  • "Dr Smith made me feel confident in all my future treatment."

  • "Dr Smith was very helpful and has helped me a lot. The communication has been excellent."

  • "Dr Richard Smith is outstanding."

  • "I have always received excellent care from Dr Smith."

  • "Richard Smith excellent." 

  • "Dr Smith is excellent and a pleasure to meet. Very on time visit."

  • "Dr Smith very thorough and covers everything."

  • "Attention to detail - bringing in specialist from other areas to confirm original diagnosis. Another satisfied customer."

  • "Dr Smith was fantastic!"

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