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Dr Richard Smith completed a Fellowship in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the New South Wales Institute of Sports Medicine in Sydney. As a registrar in Rheumatology in Canberra, he also spent valuable time at the Australian Institute of Sport. He completed his degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University of Bath. He is a member of the British Institute of Sports and Exercise Medicine and secretary to the Royal Society of Medicine Sports and Exercise Medicine Council.

Exercise is an important part of many people's life and can be a useful adjunct to conventional treatment for multiple medical conditions including Osteoporosis and  Arthritis. All ages can benefit from exercises ranging from gentle Tai-chi to elite sports. Dr Smith is passionate about exercise, sport and rehabilitation. 


Dr Richard Smith is the official doctor to the World's Strongest Man and has flown around the world looking after some of the strongest men on the planet. He works with an elite team of physiotherapists, osteopaths and sports masseurs and has built up an excellent understanding of the skills of this multidisciplinary team. He has also looked after a wide variety of elite athletes and olympians in his previous role as doctor to the television show "Superstars".



Treatment of a Strongman
Treatment of a Worlds Strongest


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